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June 12, 2024
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“Smart Cities, Cement Factories, Adani Group pledges Rs 8,700 Crore investment to multi-sectors in Bihar, bumper opportunity for jobs”

Patna: In a significant boost to Bihar’s economic landscape, the Adani Group has announced a whopping investment of Rs 8,700 crore to variouse sectors in the state, marking a pivotal moment in the ongoing Bihar Business Connect 2023 initiative. The commitment was revealed by Pranav Adani, Director of Adani Enterprises, during his address at the plenary session of the event.

Adani emphasized the substantial impact this investment is expected to have on employment, with a promise to generate both direct and indirect job opportunities for nearly 10,000 individuals. This move aligns with the vision set by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who has been actively engaging with business leaders to attract investments and foster job creation in the state.

Highlighting Bihar’s transformation into an attractive investment destination, Adani acknowledged the positive changes in social reforms, law and order, literacy, and women empowerment. He expressed the Adani Group’s commitment to supporting Kumar’s development vision for Bihar.

The conglomerate had previously invested Rs 850 crore in Bihar, primarily in logistics and gas distribution sectors, resulting in the creation of approximately 3,000 jobs. Building on this foundation, Adani announced an ambitious plan to increase their investment tenfold, with the Rs 8,700 crore earmarked for venturing into new sectors within the state.

According to the report, the Adani Group’s expansion plans in Bihar include exploring opportunities to bring Adani Wilmar Group, a joint venture specializing in the food and beverages sector, to the region. Additionally, the conglomerate aims to commence cement manufacturing projects with a target of 10 million metric tonnes, a move expected to create around 3,000 job opportunities.

In a significant move towards technological advancement, the Adani Group is set to invest in the manufacture of smart electricity meters. Under this initiative, 28 lakh meters are slated to be installed across five cities, further contributing to Bihar’s progress.

Acknowledging Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s focus on Ease of Doing Business, Adani expressed gratitude for the support and encouragement received. He assured quarterly updates on all investments made, emphasizing the commitment of the Adani Group to contributing to Bihar’s economic development. This announcement not only signifies a major milestone for Bihar but also underscores the potential for transformative growth through strategic partnerships and investments.

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