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June 12, 2024
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Viral Video: Bihar Police team fight during duty hours, order to line up

Nalanda: In an unusual and concerning incident, two security guards from the 112 police team, responsible for public safety, engaged in a physical altercation near Sohsarai Halt in the Rahui police station area of Bihar. The brawl between the officers escalated to the point where a video of their confrontation began circulating on social media, raising questions about the professionalism of the Bihar Police.

The video, which captured the intense fight between the two guards in uniform during their duty hours, has garnered significant attention. Upon learning of the incident, senior officials have taken prompt action. Both of the guards involved in the altercation have been ordered to appear in line, pending further investigation.

The cause of the dispute between the two officers remains unclear at this time. Eyewitnesses report that what began as a routine day turned into an unexpected confrontation between the security personnel. The onlookers were surprised to witness uniformed policemen engaged in a physical altercation, and they intervened to de-escalate the situation.

Rahui police station chief Nandan Kumar Singh has assured that a thorough investigation into the matter will be carried out. Meanwhile, Nalanda SP Ashok Mishra has taken cognizance of the incident and swiftly took disciplinary action by directing both officers to the police line. An investigation into the circumstances surrounding the altercation has also been initiated.

The incident has triggered public criticism on social media platforms, with individuals expressing concern about the behavior of the guards and raising questions about the overall functioning of the Bihar Police.

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