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February 27, 2024
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Warning Issued: Bihar Police personnel prohibited from making Reel-Videos while on duty

PATNA: To curb the excessive use of mobile phones by its staff, the Bihar State Police recently issued a strong warning in a police department letter. The letter, issued on May 15, referred to a ban on filming reels while on duty and stressed that disciplinary action would be taken against officers who violated this policy.

The letter, which was distributed to all police officers, specifically asked them to refrain from wearing uniforms and creating roles or videos and uploading them to social media platforms. Failure to comply with this policy may result in serious consequences, including termination of employment.

Police have expressed concern that some officers are too busy creating roles in public spaces displaying weapons, ammunition, uniforms and intelligence information. Not only does this behavior violate established rules, it also affects efficiency and concentration. Therefore, it was decided that strict measures needed to be taken to address these concerns and enable officers to concentrate on their official duties.

The intention behind this move is to maintain the professionalism and integrity of the Bihar Police. By limiting the use of mobile phones for personal purposes while on duty, the department hopes to improve the overall efficiency of its staff and ensure that they can focus on public safety.

Departmental action must be taken against any officer found to have violated these instructions. Such actions underscore the police’s commitment to maintaining discipline and ensuring the highest standards of professionalism within the police force. Implementation of this policy will serve as a reminder to all officers to remain diligent and committed to serving their communities.

Known for their dedication and tireless efforts to maintain law and order, the Bihar Police continues to prioritize the safety and welfare of its residents. The agency hopes to improve service delivery and boost public confidence by establishing policies to address the problem of mobile phone overuse.

Strict implementation of these directives is expected to result in a more well-equipped and more focused and efficient police to deal with the various challenges of maintaining law and order across Bihar.

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