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May 14, 2024
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“Accountability Battle: PM Modi jabs at Opposition’s Financial record during debate, Calls No-Confidence motion ‘Disappointing'”

New Delhi: In a fiery response to the no-confidence motion presented by the opposition in the Parliament against the central government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi lashed out at the Congress and other opposition parties, asserting that the motion was a fortuitous opportunity for his administration. The Prime Minister’s remarks came during a heated debate that took place over the course of three days, culminating in his forceful speech on Thursday.

“The no-confidence motion of the opposition is auspicious for us,” PM Modi declared, as he took the floor to address the Parliament. He went on to accuse the opposition of failing to effectively challenge his government and remarked that even when opposition parties unite, they do so often with contradictory interests.

“The opposition set the field, but the fours and sixes started from here. The opposition kept bowling no balls,” the Prime Minister quipped, using a cricket analogy to illustrate his point.

PM Modi did not hold back in his assessment of the opposition’s performance during his tenure, asserting that they had been given five years to prepare but had only managed to bring disappointment to the nation. He took a jab at their financial accountability, stating, “Even those who have their own accounts messed up, they also take our accounts from us.”

In a dig at the leader of the largest opposition party, PM Modi highlighted that the leader’s name was conspicuously absent from the list of speakers during the discussion. He criticized the overall attitude of the opposition, suggesting that political considerations often took precedence over their responsibilities to the people.

The Prime Minister expressed his disappointment with the lack of seriousness exhibited by the opposition throughout the parliamentary proceedings. He cited important bills that had been passed during the session, such as the Jan Vishwas Bill, Mediation Bill, Dental Commission Bill, and others related to the welfare of fishermen, tribals, and digital data protection.

“Politics seems to have overshadowed their commitment to the welfare of the poor, tribals, dalits, and villages. The people who elected them have been betrayed,” PM Modi proclaimed.

He emphasized the significance of bills like the National Research Foundation Bill and the Digital Data Protection Bill, stressing that these legislations were vital for the future of the country, especially in an increasingly technology-driven world. PM Modi lamented that despite the potential benefits for states like Kerala, political considerations had led to a lack of engagement from its MPs.

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