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April 13, 2024
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Bihar BJP unveils new state office bearers: Samrat Chaudhary appoints diverse team for caste inclusion

Patna- Bihar BJP President Samrat Chaudhary revealed the roster of state office bearers on Wednesday, emphasizing a diverse representation that reflects the state’s intricate caste dynamics. The announcement saw key appointments, with Santosh Pathak stepping into the role of Vice President and Mithilesh Tiwari’s elevation from Vice President to General Secretary.

The comprehensive list encompasses 5 general ministers, 12 vice presidents, and 12 ministers, each strategically selected to encapsulate the multi-faceted social fabric of Bihar’s populace. The move aligns with BJP’s dedication to inclusivity and ensures that the leadership resonates with various communities.

The newly appointed Vice Presidents include Siddharth Shambhu, Dr. Bhim Singh Chandravanshi, Rajendra Singh, Sheela Prajapati, Dhirendra Kumar Singh, Amrita Bhushan, Dr. Raj Bhushan Nishad, Lalita Kushwaha, Saroj Ranjan Patel, Nutan Singh (Saharsa), Sanjay Khandelia, and Santosh Pathak.

A distinct focus on caste diversity is evident in the composition of the team. The Extremely Backward Society (OBC) is strongly represented with 8 members, while the Bhumihar community finds representation in Jagannath Thakur, Rita Sharma, Santosh Ranjan, Dhirendra Kumar Singh, and Arvind Sharma.

The Brahmin community’s voice is echoed through Mithilesh Tiwari, Santosh Pathak, Rakesh Tiwari, Dilip Mishra, Gyan Prakash Ojha, and Saroj Jha. Rajendra Singh, Nutan Singh, Amrita Bhushan, Trivikram Singh, and Ashutosh Shankar Singh represent the Rajput fraternity, while Rajesh Verma stands as a representative of the Kayastha class.

Backward societies see participation from Saroj Ranjan Patel and Praveen Chandra Rai of the Kurmi community, alongside Lalita Kushwaha, Ratnesh Kushwaha, and Jitendra Kushwaha from the Kushwaha caste. Swadesh Yadav from Yadav Samaj, Siddharth Shambhu, Priyamvada Kesari, Sanjay Gupta, and Sanjay Khandelia from Vaish Samaj add to the diverse blend.

Further amplifying inclusivity, Bhim Singh from Kahar, Sheela Prajapati from Prajapati, Anil Thakur from Nai, Nandlal Chauhan from Nonia, Nitin Abhishek from Teli, Raj Bhushan Nishad from Sahni, Lalan Mandal from Dhanuk, and Amit Dangi from Dangi represent the most backward sections.

Incorporating the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe, Shivesh Ram and Sugriva take their place, while Guru Prakash Paswan from Paswan caste completes the team, showcasing BJP’s commitment to a comprehensive representation that mirrors the vibrant mosaic of Bihar’s populace.

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