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June 26, 2024
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Bihar: Notorious robbers looted ‘parcel van of train’, carried goods worth 1 lakhs on tractor within hours

Incident, Amrapali Express stopped for an hour at Outer in Katihar,

KATIHAR: In a daring attempt, robbers have been looted parcel van of the train by breaking lock which was stopped at the outer signal of the junction in Katihar. The miscreants took away goods worth Rs 1 lakhs from the tractor. According to the report, when the Amrapali Express reached Katihar Junction after stopping the train at outer for an hour, the parcel-break van was seen empty. There is also a border dispute in the railways, taking advantage of which the thieves carried out the incident.

According to Amar Ujala, the incident took place after the night of Thursday-Friday in the outer signal area of Katihar Junction, Sonpur Mandal. Amar Ujala has claimed through the video of the investigation that every possible effort has been made to hide the incident.

Miscreants carried out the incident in the parcel-brake van of train number 15708 Amrapali Express near Ranighat in Katihar. According to the information, the train stopped for about an hour at the outer signal of Katihar Junction at around 2 pm on Thursday night. The thieves knew that the train stops at the outer waiting for the green signal for a long time. The gang of thieves reached here with a tractor, auto, e-rickshaw and broke the lock of the parcel-brake van of Amrapali Express waiting for the signal and took out all the goods from it. Thieves emptied the parcel van at Ranighat adjacent to Lalpul of Navgachia railway station area.

When the train reached Katihar Junction with an empty parcel-break van, there was a stir in the railway police. Every effort was made to hide the incident, although efforts were also made to recover it. Three bags of goods have also been recovered from Navgachia and Katihar railway station area.

A criminal allegedly involved in the incident has also been arrested by the Railway Police on the information of informers. The police is engaged in recovering the rest of the goods. At present, information is not being formally given by the Railways that from which parts and where the goods of how much value have been stolen and what has been recovered.

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