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June 13, 2024
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Bihar: VHP leader arrested for hanging ‘Hindu Rashtra’ flags and banners

PATNA: On Saturday, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) district secretary Rajeev Prakash Madhukar was arrested by police in Darbhanga (Bihar) for attempting to disrupt communal harmony in the city by putting up ‘Hindu Rashtra’ flags and banners on Friday. According to Kirti Kumar of Laheriasarai police station SHO, evidence was found against Madhukar, leading to the initiation of action against him. Police seized flags and banners with the inscription ‘Hindu Rashtra’ in Maulaganj locality of Laheriasarai on Friday.

Four people, including Madhukar, and 100 unidentified people were arrested by police at FIR. The district magistrate, Rajeev Raushan, directed police to take action against the perpetrators. In an official statement released Friday, Darbhanga police reported that anti-social elements were trying to disrupt communal harmony in the town by putting up flags and banners reading ‘Hindu Rashtra.”

The ‘Hindu Rashtra’ flags and banners attracted attention on social media and drew the attention of senior police and administrative officials. Nazre Alam, national chairman of the Muslim Bedari Karwan, wrote to the Darbhanga district magistrate demanding strict action against the perpetrators. The district magistrate stated that they were keeping a close eye on such elements.

This incident raises concerns about communal harmony in Bihar and the increasing polarization between communities. The authorities must take strict action against individuals or groups who try to spread hatred and disrupt communal harmony. There is a need to promote unity and respect diversity in order to build a peaceful and harmonious society.

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