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May 22, 2024
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Daily Wage Worker Allegedly Beaten to Death in Bihar: Locals Demand Arrest of Culprits and Justice for Victim’s Family, Protest Continue

BHAGALPUR: A 35-year-old daily wage worker was allegedly beaten to death in Bihar’s Bhagalpur district, leading to protests from locals demanding immediate action and the arrest of the culprits. The incident occurred on Wednesday, and the man’s body was found near the railway track in Puraini. The victim, a resident of Baluwachak, was the sole bread earner for his family and leaves behind a wife and two children, according to the report.

Police sources have confirmed that the man was brutally beaten and then beheaded, and the incident may have resulted from a clash within a group after consuming alcohol. The police have launched an investigation into the matter from all possible angles, and a team led by the law-and-order DSP is probing the case.

Angry locals took to the streets and blocked the Hansdiha-Bhagalpur road in protest against the killing, but police intervention calmed the situation. The victim’s body has been sent for post mortem examination, and further action will be taken based on the investigation’s findings.

This shocking incident highlights the need for stronger measures to curb violence in the state and ensure the safety of all citizens, regardless of their economic status or profession. The government and law enforcement authorities must take swift action to bring the culprits to justice and prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

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