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June 25, 2024
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“From Karachi to Victory: The untold story of India’s Naval mastery on December 4, 1971”

“December 16, 1971: Victory Day Celebration – When 93,000 Pakistani Soldiers Surrendered Before India’s Might”

Proud Reflection on Indian Army’s Historic Triumph: Ashwani Joshi Recalls the Landmark Victory of December 4, 1971

Nawanshahr: Honoring Our Armed Forces, December 4th and 16th Evoke Memories of India’s Pride

Indian Navy veteran Ashwani Joshi took a moment to reflect on pivotal days in India’s history, emphasizing the significance of December 4, 1971. He recounted how, 52 years ago, the Indian Army achieved feats that left even formidable nations like the Soviet Union and the United States astounded.

The backdrop to this momentous chapter was Pakistan’s egregious acts in East Pakistan, leading to an influx of refugees into India. Faced with a situation demanding immediate action, the Indian Army courageously stepped forward. Pakistan, with its formidable naval base in Karachi, posed a potential threat on the west coast. The strategic planning involved in addressing this challenge showcased India’s wisdom and intelligence.

A meticulously devised plan unfolded on December 4, 1971, when Indian Navy’s small missile boats, ‘Nirghat and Nipat,’ approached within 12 miles of Karachi. The precision attack at 9:45 pm, codenamed ‘Trident,’ resulted in the destruction of four Pakistani warships and the igniting of Karachi’s oil reserves. This ingenious operation, utilizing the limited capabilities of smaller vessels, caught both Russia, the maker of the boats, and the pro-Pakistan America off guard.

In the aftermath, Pakistan, unnerved by India’s display of naval prowess, mistook its own warship ‘Zulfikar’ for another Indian missile boat, subjecting it to shelling. The subsequent ‘Pythoon’ mission saw India’s ‘Veer’ ship targeting Pakistani ‘Dakka,’ closing the port route and sealing Karachi’s fate within 96 hours.

The sinking of the Pakistani submarine ‘Ghazi’ outside Visakhapatnam and the success of ‘Hungor’ in sinking the Indian ship ‘Khukri’ marked further developments. The aircraft carrier ‘Vikrant,’ armed with ‘Sea-Hawk’ and ‘Aleez’ aircraft, played a crucial role in neutralizing gunboats and merchant ships, isolating East Pakistan from the West.

The decisive moment arrived on December 16, 1971, when 93,000 Pakistani soldiers, including General Aamir Abdullah Khan Niazi, surrendered to the Indian Army, a historic event now commemorated as Victory Day. Admiral Surinder Nath Kohli, adorned with Padma Bhushan and Param Vashishtha Seva Medal, highlighted the Navy’s role in fostering India’s self-respect. Every year, on December 4, India celebrates Navy Day, an occasion to pay homage to the sacrifices of our brave soldiers.

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