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June 23, 2024
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‘Katihar Massacre’ trending on social media, why people expressing displeasure with Tejashwi Yadav

Katihar: ‘Katihar massacre’ is continuously trending on social media. Heart-wrenching crime incidents are continuously coming to the fore from Bihar. After the coming of the new government, the morale of the criminals is increasing and is not taking the name of stopping. Meanwhile, recently such an incident took place in Katihar, due to which the people of the Yadav community are particularly angry with the state’s Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav. Videos of displeasure with the government are becoming fiercely viral on Twitter on Monday. What has happened in Katihar, due to which ‘#Katihar_Massacre’ is trending on social media.

According to various media reports, the incident of gang war took place in Katihar, Bihar on the morning of Friday 1st December. In this incident, the news of the death of about 7 people came to the fore, the same claim is being made on Twitter that people have been killed. This incident is of Bakiya Diyara area of Burari police station area. It is being told that the firing took place here for supremacy.

According to the information, this incident happened between Mohan Thakur and Sunil Yadav on December 1. There have already been incidents of firing in both these groups. According to the local people, such incidents have happened here before as well. In this incident, 27-year-old Tikka Yadav, 23-year-old Rahul Yadav, 18-year-old Sonu Yadav, 19-year-old Golu Yadav and a youth from Bagiya Kishanpur village also died due to bullet injuries.

Katihar Police SP Jitendra Kumar informed the media after the incident that criminals keep fighting here. The police of three police stations are running a search operation in search of criminals. He said that criminals take advantage of the proximity of Bhagalpur-Jhakhand to Sahibganj and Barari Semapur. Prosperous farmers from this area have migrated with their families. If the local people are to be believed, the gold-producing land here is said to be captured with guns. Farmers are keeping the fields in the hands of miscreants, according to them either by giving crop or levy.

After the shootout, the assailants were going in an auto towards Rupauli in Purnea district to bury the gang members Pritam and Munna on the river bank. When the villagers chased the auto on suspicion, the four miscreants started firing at the villagers and ran away. During this, Vipin Singh was caught, who was handed over to the police and Munna Yadav, who was thought to be dead, was also found alive.

What did RJD say?

The Yadav community has been a supporter of the RJD in Bihar since the beginning. His displeasure with RJD is certainly worrying for Tejashwi. RJD MLA Neeraj Kumar informed by tweeting that just a few hours after the incident in Mohana Chandpur Diyara, it has been decided to create an OP there so that this incident does not recur further. He said that Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav, the entire party and the Bihar government are standing with the families of the deceased and are providing all possible help.

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