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May 17, 2024
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Lesson from Karnatka: Why Enacting of ‘Right to Employment’ is need of the nation?

Congress impact on lives and livelihoods gained! A loss to BJP?

Punjab/Nawanshahr: The mandate for the Congress in Karnataka is as what it could have been:  clear majority with 135 out of 224 assembly seats fetching support from across regions and demographic groups; with some of the vote share accrued to it negatively as the main party that was in opposition to the BJP. 

The BJP won less than half the number of seats the Congress did.

The space for a third player Janata Dal (Secular) shrank considerably, which was seen as a family syndicate devoid of any morals.

In election campaign, the Congress showed united, focused and dynamic, while BJP leaders sought to settle scores with one another and worked at cross purposes. 

The Congress showed maturity and composure as the BJP tried to make up for its unpopularity by raking up divisive and extraneous issues. BJP underestimated the intelligence of the voters by offering them communal stuff.

Why Enact ‘Right to Employment’ 

According to Ashwani Joshi a renowned social activist, during punjab election 2017,  he had raised an issue thru media and then in 2022 with some leaders, especially with Congress ruling leaders: need to enact a law on ‘right to employment’ which he says, is the very need of the hour. But none of the parties have yet dared to accept his proposal draft. 

Shinkansen theory of success.

Ashwani Joshi joyfully claimed that however little offshoot part of the idea picked up by Rahul Gandhi and offering in Karnatka as just rupee 3000 to graduates and 1500 to diploma holders went well towards their victory as it touches livelihood factor of employment. Joshi hopes that the leading parties dare to think on his complete proposal on enacting the right to employment to take the nation on Shinkansen theory of success.

In Karnatka election, Congress stuck to issues that could have an impact on regional aspirations, lives and livelihoods.

The Congress and the BJP both have lessons to be drawn from the Karnataka verdict.

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