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May 23, 2024
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Nitish Kumar defends decision to release 27 prisoners, including Anand Mohan armed with evidence

Patna: Politics is intensifying in Patna as the ruling party and the opposition face off over the release of former MP and Bahubali Anand Mohan. On Friday, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar gave his reaction to the protests questioning Anand Mohan’s release. Although he did not name anyone, it is believed that he indirectly targeted Sushil Modi.

According to news agency ANI, “…I am surprised. When this was not in place, several people used to demand it. Now when it is in place, they are opposing..,” says Bihar CM Nitish Kumar on State Govt’s order regarding the release of 27 prisoners including former MP Anand Mohan Singh from jail.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar defended the release, saying that it was done according to the rules and procedures, not political pressure. He stated that all the prisoners were released in 2016 as per the rules issued by the central government, and there is no provision regarding IAS officers. Nitish Kumar questioned why people are protesting when everything happened according to the rules.

Nitish Kumar also expressed his surprise that only one man is being discussed when 27 people have been released, and the decision was taken according to the provisions and rules. He emphasized that the release of TADA prisoners will be taken when the time comes and according to the rule, after completing the sentence of 14 years or more, there is release according to the provision.

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