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May 18, 2024
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Watch Video: After Bihar now in Rajasthan activist files complaint against Baba Ramdev for controversial remarks over Muslims

RAJASTHAN/BIHAR: An FIR has been registered against Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev on Sunday in Chauhtan police station of Barmer district in Rajasthan.

On the complaint of Pathai Khan, a resident of Barmer, an FIR has been registered under IPC sections. Chauhtan Police Station Head Buta Singh Bishnoi is investigating this matter.

Earlier, A Bihar-based rights activist on Saturday also filed a complaint against Ramdev for allegedly hurting religious sentiments of Muslims with his remarks at a recent meeting of seers.

According to the report, Tamanna Hashmi lodged the complaint against Ramdev before a local court here and demanded the registration of an FIR against him.

On the basis of which an FIR has been registered against Baba Ramdev under sections 153A, 295A and 298 for hurting religious sentiments. Police investigation is going on in this matter.

Pathai Khan from Rajasthan, who lodged the FIR, said to media “Baba Ramdev spoke wrong about our religion in a gathering of Hindu brothers. That’s why we have lodged an FIR at the police station.”

Along with making controversial remarks on Muslim religion, Baba Ramdev also gave a controversial statement regarding Christianity.

He said, “Go to church and stand in front of Jesus Christ with a lit candle even during the day, all sins are washed away. This is what Christianity teaches. But, it is not so in Hinduism.”

Let us tell you that, Yoga guru Baba Ramdev reached Barmer on February 2 to attend a religious program. Here, while addressing the gathering, he gave a controversial statement regarding Islam and Muslims.

In his address from the stage, he said, “They have been taught that just read Namaz and do whatever you want. Many people of the Muslim community do this, just read Namaz. They stand up as terrorists and criminals.”

“For them heaven means wear pajama above ankle, cut moustache, wear cap. This is what Quran says or Islam says! I am not saying. This is what these people are doing, then they say in your heaven The place is confirmed. What will you get in heaven! Hoors are found in heaven. Such a heaven is worse than hell.”

Regarding Sanatan Dharma, he said, “The agenda of Sanatan Dharma is to wake up early in the morning at an auspicious time. Wake up and take the name of God, then do yoga. Do good work and good deeds by taking the name of your deity.”

“This Hindu religion and Sanatan teaches us how to live a good life, how to live a sattvik life. There should be sattvikta in our behavior and our actions. Don’t do violence, lies, fighting – all this Sanatan Dharma teaches.”

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