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June 20, 2024
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“Bilateral Defense Boost: India and UAE ‘DESERT CYCLONE’ joint Military Exercise kicks off in Rajasthan”

New Delhi: In a significant display of military cooperation, the inaugural edition of the India-UAE Joint Military Exercise, named ‘DESERT CYCLONE,’ has commenced in Mahajan, Rajasthan. The UAE Land Forces contingent, consisting of 45 personnel from the Zayed First Brigade, has arrived in India for the exercise, scheduled to take place from January 2nd to 15th, 2024. Simultaneously, the Indian Army contingent, represented mainly by a Battalion from the Mechanised Infantry Regiment, also comprises 45 personnel.

The primary objective of ‘DESERT CYCLONE’ is to enhance interoperability in Sub-conventional Operations, specifically focusing on Fighting in Built-Up Areas (FIBUA) in desert and semi-desert terrains under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter on Peacekeeping Operations. The exercise serves as a platform to strengthen cooperation and interoperability between the participating forces, particularly in the context of Peacekeeping Operations.

Several strategic drills are planned during the exercise, encompassing the establishment of a Joint Surveillance Centre, Cordon and Search Operations, Domination of Built-Up Areas, and Heliborne Operations. ‘DESERT CYCLONE’ is designed not only to improve military capabilities but also to foster a collaborative partnership, facilitating the exchange of best practices and shared experiences between the Indian and UAE contingents.

This joint military exercise symbolizes the deepening bonds of friendship and trust between India and the UAE. Beyond military objectives, ‘DESERT CYCLONE’ aims to contribute to shared security objectives and further enhance bilateral relations between the two friendly nations. The exercise signifies a commitment to mutual growth and cooperation in the realms of defense and security.

Earlier this year, the Indian Navy’s INS Visakhapatnam and INS Trikand, commanded by Rear Admiral Vineet McCarty, Flag Officer Commanding Western Fleet (FOCWF), engaged in the bilateral exercise ‘Zayed Talwar’ with the UAE. This exercise was a strategic effort aimed at bolstering interoperability and synergy between the naval forces of India and the UAE, showcasing a commitment to mutual understanding and cooperation.

The deepening of ties between India and the UAE is not a recent development. Diplomatic relations were established in 1972, marking a significant milestone in the evolving friendship. The Ministry of External Affairs notes that the UAE opened its Embassy in Delhi in 1972, while India reciprocated by establishing its Embassy in Abu Dhabi in 1973.

In the realm of defense, the bilateral interaction between India and the UAE has been steadily evolving, mirroring the broader aspects of their relationship. Both nations have witnessed regular high-level and functional exchanges, fostering a collaborative environment. The navies of India and the UAE have consistently engaged in port calls, a testament to their shared commitment to enhancing bilateral defense cooperation.

These initiatives underscore the growing importance of security collaboration between India and the UAE. As both countries navigate the complex dynamics of the region and the world, the bilateral defense interaction stands as a symbol of their shared commitment to peace, stability, and mutual growth.

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