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May 17, 2024
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New Zealand MP Golriz Ghahraman resigns amid theft allegations

Wellington: In a surprising turn of events, Golriz Ghahraman, a prominent member of the Green Party in New Zealand, has tendered her resignation following allegations of theft. The police have initiated an investigation into the accusations, bringing an air of uncertainty to the political landscape.

Ghahraman, known for her background as a human rights lawyer at the United Nations, is accused of stealing on three separate occasions from two clothing stores. One incident occurred in Auckland, with the remaining thefts taking place in a shop in Wellington.

Expressing her distress, Ghahraman attributed her actions to work-related stress, stating, “I have embarrassed a lot of people, and I am sorry.” The 42-year-old MP, who made history in 2017 as the first refugee to take the oath in the New Zealand government, fled Iran with her family during her childhood. Subsequently, they were granted political asylum in New Zealand.

The controversy escalated when CCTV footage surfaced, allegedly capturing Ghahraman lifting a designer bag from a boutique in Auckland. Despite the emergence of this footage, she has not yet faced any criminal charges.

In her resignation statement, Ghahraman acknowledged that her conduct fell short of the high standards expected from an elected representative. She added, “My behavior is not something about which I can say anything because it is not right in any way, and after medical examination, I have understood that I am not well.”

The resignation raises questions about the future trajectory of Ghahraman’s political career and the impact this incident may have on the public’s perception of elected officials in New Zealand.

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