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April 13, 2024
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Climate change: Record breaking heat wave in Europe’s several countries in January, temp crossed 25 degrees

Climate change: In many countries of Europe, there is record breaking heat wave in the month of January. In eight countries of Europe, the temperature record is breaking in a surprising way. According to media reports, Poland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia have been on record breaking heat even in the month of January. It was 18.9 degrees Celsius in Poland and 25.1 degrees Celsius in Spain on Sunday, which were 25 degrees above average.

Europe’s meteorologists told ‘The Guardian’ that the weather record across Europe over the past few days has been astonishing.

According to meteorologist Maximiliano Herrera, who monitors the temperature, the temperature in the village of Korbielow in Poland reached 19 degrees Celsius. This is higher than the temperature living here in May. This is 18 degrees more than the average January temperature of 1 degree.

Meanwhile, North America is facing fierce snow storms. A few days ago there was a blizzard in which about 60 people died. However, the weather conditions are different in many places in the European part of the Atlantic.

The temperature in Belarus on January 1 was 16.4 degrees, which was 4.5 degrees higher than the previous record.

At the same time, the temperature in Switzerland is 20 degree Celsius, due to which the snow has reduced at the snowy tourist places.

The situation is almost the same in Germany, France and Ukraine. A few days ago, Britain, Ireland, France and Spain have declared the year 2022 as the hottest year.

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