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February 28, 2024
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Motihari: Old blood-soaked couple found in a closed room in Kotwa, wife ends life over suspected financial crisis

Motihari: A Major shocking incident has been reported in Motihari, Kotwa. A old couple were found in blood-soaked in a closed room, while, the wife has died and the husband has been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

According to the report, the injured husband was identified as Brajkishore Singh, while his wife Urmila Singh has died. When the villagers reached through the terrace after hearing the noise from the closed house, they were stunned to see the inside view.

There was a couple lying in the house covered in blood. The incident took place at Pachiyari Tola located in Kotwa police station area.

Police found the knife used in murder

Urmila Singh had died when people were preparing to take the injured couple Brajkishore Singh and Urmila Singh to the hospital for treatment in Pachiyari Tola of Kotwa police station area. The villagers informed the grandson of the injured couple about the incident. His grandson Piyush Raj also reached there. All the people together admitted Brajkishore Singh to a private nursing home for treatment. There he is undergoing treatment. On the information of the incident, the police reached the house of Brajkishore Singh. The knife used in the incident has been recovered from there. Police is busy in finding out the cause of the incident.

Brajkishore Singh was in economically crises due to excessive liquor:

Police believe that Brajkishore Singh has carried out such an incident in depression and both have used knives with the intention of committing suicide. The police has called FSL team for investigation.

Sadar DSP Arun Kumar Gupta said that Brajkishore Singh was under a lot of stress for the last few years. Because of this, he used to drink a lot of alcohol. Earlier they had a lot of land, but now only the land of Ghari is left. Also, Brajkishore Singh has some debt and no means of income. Due to this he used to live under a lot of stress. All points are being checked. The SSL team has also been called. The truth of the incident will come out only after research.

Injured Brajkishore Singh’s condition is also serious

Brajkishore Singh’s grandson Piyush Raj said that he had slept at the shop and at three o’clock in the morning the villager next to the house called and told about the incident. The villagers entered the house through the roof and opened the house. By then the grandmother had died. While Dada has been admitted for treatment. Dr. BD Singh, who is treating the injured Brajkishore Singh, told that the condition of the patient is very serious. His throat is slit and there is also a wound in the stomach. Because of this the intestine had come out. Stitch has been done and treatment is going on.

Suspense continues regarding the incident

The police, who reached Brajkishore Singh’s house, took the dead body of Urmila Singh in possession and sent it for post-mortem. Police is waiting for the FSL team. Simultaneously, the investigation of the incident has started. However, how did the incident happen and who did it. Suspense still remains on this, but it is feared that Brajkishore Singh himself may have done this incident. The police is busy collecting information about the incident from the villagers. Police are waiting for Brajkishore Singh to come to his senses to know the root causes of the incident.

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