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June 12, 2024
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“Patahi Airport in Muzaffarpur: Waiting for take-off for four years, dreams of Flight rekindled after AAI team surveys grounds, will start soon,”

Muzaffarpur: In a bid to fulfill a long-standing promise made during an election rally in 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced the impending revival of Muzaffarpur’s Patahi Airport, which had remained closed for several years. However, despite the passage of four years, the aspiration of seeing Muzaffarpur’s skies bustling with air traffic remains unfulfilled.

Recent developments indicate that the wheels of progress are finally turning in favor of the beleaguered airport. A dedicated team from the Airports Authority of India (AAI), in collaboration with officials from a private airline company, embarked on a mission to assess the feasibility of resurrecting Patahi Airport. This endeavor is seen as a significant stride towards the realization of flight operations from the dormant facility, potentially before the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Led by AAI officials Captain Sanjay Mishra and Ashwini S Thackeray, along with a contingent of aviation experts and representatives from the private airline, the team meticulously examined the grounds of Patahi Airport. Their two-day tour was dedicated to assessing the infrastructure and logistical requirements necessary to bring the airport back to life.

Captain Mishra, speaking on behalf of the AAI team, disclosed that airlines had expressed keen interest in both Patahi and Raxaul airports. The private airline officials undertook an exhaustive evaluation of the conditions at both locations, setting the stage for the forthcoming revival. August marks a pivotal milestone as the ministry’s contractual obligations with the airline company conclude, paving the way for the potential handover of both airports.

The impetus for this renewed vigor can be attributed to the recent visit by AAI officials. As preparations intensify for the reestablishment of Patahi and Raxaul airports, the deployment of central paramilitary forces to secure the premises is underway. The dual-pronged approach, encompassing administrative formalities and practical feasibility assessments, has injected a renewed sense of purpose into the endeavor.

While the process may have witnessed delays, the intensified efforts and increased pace of work at the behest of the AAI are emblematic of the commitment to seeing Patahi Airport take to the skies once again. As the ministry’s contractual responsibilities transition in the coming weeks, the impending transfer of operational control to the private airline holds the promise of resuscitating Muzaffarpur’s aerial connectivity.

As the wheels of progress gain momentum, the people of Muzaffarpur dare to dream of a future where Patahi Airport reclaims its place as a vital gateway to the skies.

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