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June 21, 2024
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Tejashwi Yadav accused BJP over cheating Bihari, said- Amit Shah reach Bihar today, he should tell what Bihar got in budget  

The Deputy Chief Minister also accused the Center of step-motherly treatment.

PURNIA: Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav targeted Union Home Minister and BJP leader Amit Shah on Saturday, accusing him of cheating the state.

“Amit Shah is coming to Bihar again and again because he is afraid of losing seats in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections,” he said in the state’s north-eastern district of Purnia.

Tejashwi Yadav further said, “Amit Shah has come here today, so he should tell why he cheated Bihar in the budget and what did Bihar get from this budget?”

Accusing the center of step-motherly treatment, he said, “You have only cheated, you are treating the people of Bihar step-motherly. But the public has made up its mind that they have to be taught a lesson in 2024.”

Amit Shah is going to address a public meeting on Saturday in Lauria in Valmiki Nagar Lok Sabha constituency of North Western region of Bihar.

At the same time, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Tejashwi Yadav will participate in a rally in Purnia. Congress state president Akhilesh Prasad Singh and other leaders will also participate in this rally.

Addressing the rally from the stage, State President of Bihar Congress Akhilesh Prasad Singh said that I came to Purnia also because he already knows this land. Said that he has seen the struggle of Ajit Saheb. I want to make it clear that the decision taken by Nitish Kumar to break away from BJP and to form a secular government here at the same time broke the back of BJP in Bihar. There are some outspoken people in every party.

Also in my party. Congress is such a party that in its history of 137 years, it has not made any compromise with BJP and RSS. I am happy that today Lalu Yadav has also returned after recovering. I hope that when all of you will work together, there is no place for BJP. If we fight by dividing the seats properly then there will be no place for Modi and Amit Shah, he added.

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