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February 29, 2024
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Who is the PM candidate of opposition, TMC responds to BJP’s question: Modi Govt branded ‘Selfish’

Opposition Meeting in Patna aims to find alternative to Modi: TMC MP Saugata Roy

NEW DELHI/PATNA: In the ongoing political landscape, the question of who will be the prime ministerial candidate from the opposition parties has emerged as a significant topic of discussion. Recently, BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad raised this question, casting doubt on the unity of the opposition. He expressed his concerns about the lack of clarity regarding the opposition’s leader and their agenda.

Prasad pointed out that there seemed to be a clash among the opposition parties themselves, highlighting the statement made by Mamata Banerjee, leader of the Trinamool Congress (TMC). Banerjee had stated that if the Congress party aligned with the Communist Party of India (Marxist) [CPM], she would not join forces with them. Prasad regarded this as a manifestation of internal conflicts within the opposition.

He further criticized the opposition, stating that it consisted of selfish individuals who were primarily driven by their desire for power and the prime ministerial chair. Prasad suggested that their sole purpose was to come together in the hope of countering Prime Minister Narendra Modi since individually they seemed incapable of posing a substantial challenge.

According to ANI, Ravi Shankar Prasad said in Patna: “Who will be their (opposition) PM face?… There is friction between them. This is an alliance of selfish people for power. Since they can’t take on PM Modi alone, they are trying to do it together…India wants a fixed govt not a bunch of people who keep fighting with each other..

Emphasizing the need for a stable government, Prasad referred to past prime ministers like Deve Gowda, Gujral, and VP Singh, implying that India had progressed beyond their era. He claimed that the country desired a government that could effectively govern and foster development rather than engaging in internal conflicts and power struggles.

Responding to Prasad’s comments, Saugata Roy, a Member of Parliament from the Trinamool Congress, dismissed his remarks, asserting that they held no significance. Roy also took the opportunity to criticize the Modi government, labeling it as ‘selfish, communal, narrow-minded, and dependent on Adani,’ referring to the influential industrialist Gautam Adani.

Roy further revealed that an opposition meeting was scheduled to take place in Patna on June 23. The objective of this gathering would be to explore ways of providing an alternative to Prime Minister Modi and his government. The TMC MP’s statement implied that the opposition was actively working towards uniting and presenting a viable option to the current ruling party.

As the political landscape in India evolves, the question of the prime ministerial candidate from the opposition remains unanswered. With the opposition parties attempting to find common ground and present a united front, the forthcoming opposition meeting in Patna could play a crucial role in determining their strategy and potential candidate for the coveted position of Prime Minister.

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